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Glass Repair

We all know that sinking feeling when you hear the sound of glass breaking! Luckily for you here at East Glass we provide a full range of glass repair and replacement services, from small residential windows right through to large storefronts.

Benefits of choosing East Glass for your next glazing job:

  • We offer an emergency service to get you back in business ASAP
  • Whether you’re insured or not, we can work with you
  • All our glazing is quality assured – meaning when you book with us you can count on first class glazing services

Double Glazing

Double glazing can make your home cheaper to heat in winter and easier to cool in summer. Not to mention comfier and healthier in every way!

Double glazing consists of 2 panels of glass with a sealed gap in between. You’ll barely be able to see the extra pane of glass but the benefits will make a huge difference to you and your family. Talk to us at East Glass about our new or retrofitted double glazing options.

Benefits of our double glazing options include:

  • Improved insulation for a warmer, dryer home. You’ll lose less heat and accumulate less condensation so a win-win all round.
  • Reduced heating costs, double glazing will save you money for years to come
  • Improved security – double glazed windows are harder for intruders to break
  • Reduced noise – double glazing can reduce outside noise by up to 60%!

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